EDIT 19July2016: The new page is ready but I’ve been basically without internet at the house since Friday, and the way things seem to be going we might not get it back until this Saturday. I’ll post the page as soon things get back to normal. Sorry everyone! :-(

In a milestone that no one will notice but me, this page marks the first time I used blue pencil (or blue leads in a mechanical pencil, to be more precise) to draw the art. In this age of digital art my latest “innovation” must seem like reinventing the wheel at best (I knew comics artists who were telling me how great blue pencil is 30 years ago), but it still feels wonderfully liberating to not have to erase all the pencil lines before scanning it in. Bliss! :-D

EDIT: I’m trying to get in touch with Norbert Black. If you’re reading, please contact me!