Last update I wasn’t completely sure if we were moving, but now I am! We bought a new house, and although it isn’t very far away (we can walk to it, in fact), we still have to get all the stuff in this house here into that house there. And man oh man, have we accumulated a lot of Stuff in the past 12 years!

A not-inconsiderable portion of that Stuff is Galaxion materials. Books, art supplies, artwork spanning three published versions of the story. And I’d sure like to not have to move all of it!

I plan to have a moving sale in two parts. The first will be this weekend at Fan Expo¬† (Holy cow, just looked at the guest list and Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill are all scheduled to be there! Wowza!) –Booth A320 near the food court, I hope to see you there! Please take Galaxion books off my hands: I’ll be selling the sets of books 1-3 for cheap, and I’ll have original page art and other stuff for cheap as well.

But I know not everyone can come to Toronto for Fan Expo (or even wants to brave the crowds), so I will also do a sale on the website. We’ve found what I think will be a way to save money on shipping costs, so it should be a good deal all around. However, we’re still (Still!) in the middle of packing and cleaning and removing wallpaper and clearing out excess furniture so we can get our current house all ship-shape so we can sell it ASAP. Until that part is done I won’t have time to mail out packages! I’m hoping that most of the craziness will be over by the middle of September, and then I’ll be able to have the sale.

So please come to Fan Expo for immediate savings, or watch this space for an announcement in September!