“Oh, did I miss a week?” She says innocently. “I was hoping no one would notice!” I had a crazy busy week-and-change during the Easter/Passover holiday, and I just knew I wasn’t going to catch up enough to get the page out on time. So here it is at last, and if you don’t think about it too hard  you can almost pretend I didn’t miss a Tuesday in there!

Some more scheduling hiccups I will warn you all about in advance: I’m temporarily losing my studio to some small renovations being done in the house in the middle of May, and I expect the disruption to go on for at least a week. After that I’ll have to reassemble my studio in a different part of the house before things get back to normal. Rather than stress out about getting the pages up through the craziness that will ensue, I will just take the week or so off.

And finally, a happy announcement: I will be at the Ottawa Comicon, May 8-10! Look for me at table #2616. I had a great time back in 2013, so I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at this show again. :-)