Hey everybody, I know this is an unexpectedly sad part of the story. :-(

This has been especially rough on readers who remember the older version of Galaxion, because the way events unfolded in this new version probably led you to believe that Patty was going to be OK this time around.¬†For whatever it’s worth, this was always the plan. From the beginning of the webcomic launch, I knew, more or less, what was going to happen to Patty.

For those readers who didn’t see or don’t remember the older version, here’s a spoiler: Patty died much earlier, during an encounter similar to the one on the Earth-like planet when the Survey Contact Team first met the Rautani. And yes, there was quite the hue and cry from the readers. Believe it or not, I was taken completely by surprise! I had no idea Patty had become such a favourite character in such a short period of time. (Why did I change her fate? The short answer is, in order to better serve the story.)

Back then, I felt guilty enough that I ended up making these buttons. (It makes more sense if you recall that at the time, South Park was at the height of its popularity.) So if you happen to be feeling a bit annoyed at the author right now, you can post this image somewhere and know that you are not alone!