At the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) back in May, I sat in on a panel discussion on Worldbuilding. The moderator, who had selected a few pages from the comic to project on the screen for the audience, asked me if, in my efforts designing this spaceship, I knew the function of all the odd structures and globes and whatnot I’d drawn in the engine room (he may have been referencing this page in particular). I told him I had no idea, but I was confident one of my readers with a much greater understanding of engineering and space-based propulsion than I would eventually tell me. The audience laughed. I went on to say that I gave up long ago trying to do maintain any kind of so-called hard science in my fiction, because in another twenty years everything we know about the universe right now is going to change anyway, and today’s latest science will be tomorrow’s Pluto.

I mention this because I’m looking at all that flexible tubing and I want to tell you I have no idea what it’s for. Or how the anti-grav gurney works. :-)