Immortal ConFusion was a lot of fun! Although I didn’t get to take part in much of the programming (as usual), the kids enjoyed the KidFusion and TeenFusion programming tracks, which left David free, for once, to take in a few panels he was interested in. A good time was had by all. Our son particularly enjoyed having his first opportunity to take part in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign– which, in true D&D tradition, lasted into the wee hours Saturday night. (Good thing he didn’t have to get up early to man a table in the Dealers Room.) We will have to seek out more of these fan-run sci-fi and fantasy cons that have topics and events tailored for the younger crowd, as ConFusion had. What a great way to attract a younger audience to these shows, something that has been a challenge for many established comic cons as well as the sci-fi cons.