Has enough time passed since we last saw Colonel Alex Anderson that I should post some helpful reminder links? Yes, helpful link are always a good idea! His first appearance was in Chapter Two (actually his first appearance is on the previous page to the one I linked to, but this one is where we first really get to meet him). He also popped up in the Pathfinder “flashback” story, and then we don’t see him again until the end of Chapter Seven when he shows up in Fusella’s office with his grumpy face on. Oh, and he was most recently spotted earlier in this chapter.

And, as we all know, Palle’s first appearance was just a couple pages ago, but here he has his first speaking lines so this page seems to me to be the true first appearance. Allow me to now officially welcome you aboard, Palle, and many thanks to the real Palle for his generous support for the Book Three Indiegogo campaign!

Finally, I have a convention appearance to announce: I will be at SFContario here in Toronto, 29 Nov-1 Dec, selling my wares. This is another new show for me so I don’t know what to expect, but hey, it’s a sci-fi con! Those are always lots of fun.