What’s Fusella talking about? Glad you asked! She’s recalling this exchange earlier in the chapter. Even Chief Engineer Anna Ito thought it was weird.

A fun time was had in Ottawa at Can-Con! It’s one of the smallest cons I do, but it was pleasant to be able to spend time chatting with people. The two comic-themed panels I was on (with Kristopher Waddell and Dominic Bercier of Mirror Comics– thanks, guys!) went well, which was a relief since I was assigned the role of moderator. There was one rather elderly gentleman who sat in the audience but didn’t say much, and I admit I even wondered if he came into the panel room by accident, or if he was just there to wait for the panel up next after our was over. When he came into the dealer’s room a bit later and we struck up a conversation, I learned that not only was he knowledgeable about comics, he was also up on quite a number of webcomics! That’ll teach me to make stereotypical assumptions about what the older generations think about this newfangled internet stuff. :-)