Here we are celebrating (yesterday) another Labour Day, and another year of Galaxion online! Today the Galaxion webcomic is seven years old. My, hasn’t she grown!

I’d like to remind everyone in the Bethesda, Maryland area of an upcoming appearance: September 14-15 I’ll be at Small Press Expo! I can’t wait to see how this show has grown since the last time I was there, back in the last century. If you are expecting a copy of Book Three in the mail and plan to be at the show, let me know so I can have it ready for you and can sign it in person! We will likely do the bulk of our mailing heading to all points south of the Canadian border while we are in the States, to help make the delivery quicker. I’m still working on the card sketches, though, so those will likely arrive separately a bit later.

Zan, Zan, Zan… his memory balloon comes from Chapter Nine (I’m linking you to the vertical version of the two-page spread for ease of reading). Allow me to spare you the archive trawl: while we still haven’t learned the details about the incident that got him fired (or not) from TerSA, there were a couple clues back in Chapter One.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that the patches on Zan’s sleeves have changed from the previous page. Yeah, I know. :-) I changed my mind about what he should be wearing mid-scene. I’m going to go back and fix the patch logo on the previous page, though it might end up being another of those fixes that goes in the final book and not online.