Hey, remember this guy? It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Zan (the end of Chapter Nine, to be exact).

It doesn’t seem so very long since I’ve seen him, though, probably because he’s on the front cover of all the copies of Book 3 that arrived at my house last week! Yaaay! Galaxion Book 3 is here!

The new book arrived just in time for Fan Expo (hooray!), and I was delighted to be able to sell them to both new and returning readers. As usual Fan Expo was 4 days of crazy busy, but I’m pleased to report sales that surpassed all my own previous records. So it seems having a table spot near the food court wasn’t such a bad thing after all! Thanks so much to all who came by to purchase books and buttons, and a warm welcome to the new folks who are joining us for the first time.

And now that the con is over, I have some Book 3 pre-orders to start fulfilling! :-)