There are just two weeks left in the Galaxion: Volume 3 Indiegogo Campaign!

I’ve heard from a number of contributors who are reeeeeaaly hoping to see us reach our stretch goal of $6000! They want to see the Galaxion: The Salmagundi Years e-book we’ll be offering, if we reach that goal, to all our supporters who pledged $10 or more. These were the very first Galaxion comics, printed as minicomics in 1993-1995. Want to see where it all began? This is the place.

Also in there in the list of hopeful goals is the set of Galaxion playing cards! 14 have been claimed as part of the contributor perks. They’re already getting a piece of original art– Galaxion characters drawn as playing cards (something like the Fusella Queen of Hearts I posted a couple years ago). If we get 52 contributors for these, we’ll take all the art and make an actual deck of cards which each person at the “Lieutenant” contributor level will receive. I’m already having lots of fun drawing the art. Each suit in the deck has an historical era associated with it, and the characters will all be dressed appropriately. Diamonds, for example, are going to be 15th Century. Here’s the sketch for the King of Diamonds:

Zan, King of Diamonds

 I’ll just leave that there to tempt you all… ;-)