We first met Dr. Lockwood in the beginning of this chapter. As I mentioned then, she’s one of those characters that ended up with a short stick for the webcomic reboot. In the old version, General Nelson displayed a greater interest in getting to know her new crew, and she and Dr. Lockwood were well on their way to bonding. The page below (click to embiggen) comes from issue #3 of the old series, circa 1997. Yes, Dr. Lockwood has changed a little, and yes, that is an enormous chess piece next to Scavina. It made sense at the time.

From Galaxion issue #3. Click to embiggen.

Before you ask, we don’t yet have all the old issues digitally remastered, but you can still acquire a graphic novel collecting the first six issues or the whole set of 13 issues in the Galaxion store.