More colour! Woot! Let’s hope I can keep this going! :-D

I’m hoping it’s clear from context, but Ms Sherman is Elly, whom we first met in Chapter Eight (and we also saw her in the recent flashback). I also hope it’s clear from context that Scavina just finished sharing her entire experience during the time she and the rest of the Survey Contact Team were cut off from the ship, and not just the bit from that flashback. Hence, the account Darvin refers to.

I had an excellent time in Richmond, VA at RavenCon! The panels went well, or at least I hope I didn’t sound too befuddled to the attendees. My favourite one was Social Media for the Shy and Hopelessly Introverted, which, as a shy and introverted person myself, I had suggested as a topic to the programming staff. It seems I’m not the only one with this dilemma! We discussed how to not get too intimidated online and things that we’ve done to help ourselves get past it. I know I’ve got a Facebook Galaxion Fan Page that’s been languishing for a long time. I hope to make that a project soon…

Also, fellow Canadians! Time is running out to get your nominations in for the Aurora Awards. Nominations close April 15th.