Phew! We’re back to right-side-up pages. Let’s not do that again anytime soon. :-P Hopefully, the experience didn’t make you physically ill, as seems to be the case with certain other characters!

Back in September when I was Can-Con, I participated in a couple of panel discussions. One of these was on the topic of self-publishing, and my fellow panelists were S.M. Carrière, Ira Nayman, and Melissa Yuan Innes. S. M. was kind enough to record the panel and post in on YouTube in four parts. Here’s the first one, and you’ll find links to the following ones from there. Each is slightly less than 15 minutes long. I was the only person from the comic biz on the panel, with the others all self-publishing novels. I don’t know much about self-publishing novels, so it was very interesting to hear their experiences! Spoilers: Melissa, who came in a bit late, stunned us all with her stories of success.

While I’m on the topic of literary sci-fi conventions, it looks like I’ll be getting a table at ConFusion in Dearborn, MI, in January, 2013. I’ve never been to this show before but it looks promising! There appears to be a kids programming track too, which I appreciate as it means I can bring the whole family along. GoH is the Hugo Award winning Charles Stross!

For those who mentioned Arisia in Boston (which also sound promising), I hope to get that show on my calendar for January, 2014. Any other cons I should be considering?