Happy Anniversary to Galaxion! Today, the first Tuesday after Labour Day, marks six years of the Galaxion webcomic. Chocolate chip cookies all around!

If you are new to the comic or are otherwise scratching your head about what’s going on here, this might be a good time to start reading from the beginning of the chapter.

I meant to do a blog post about last week’s FanExpo, but somehow it didn’t come together. So I’ll just share now the one event from that show that made me very happy: I actually sold out of books at the show! Before you panic, I didn’t sell out of books completely– but what I did do was sell all the books I’d brought with me! And I brought a lot. Even better, I sold my last set of books 1&2 right at closing time on the last day of the show, so I wasn’t left wondering if I’d could’ve sold more if only I’d brought them. It was perfect, just perfect. :-)