I should mention that I am going to be at FanExpo in Toronto again this year, August 23-26, once again sharing a pair of tables with Crystal Yates of Tomgeeks and Earthsong. This is one of my few appearances this year, so if you can come out to say hi, please do!

Given Galaxion‘s themes involving similar-but-just-a-little-bit-different alternate universes, some of you might be interested in the novel I just finished reading: The Walls of the Universe by Paul Melko. It explores the concepts and consequences of these tropes rather well. The first few chapters reminded me a lot of the great time travel book by David Gerrold, The Man Who Folded Himself, but Melko’s story soon moves into very different directions. I found myself finishing this novel in only a few days, which is pretty speedy for me right now with all the various distractions in my life (curse you, Minecraft!), and a testament to how much of a page turner it is. There’s a sequel out in hardcover, and I hope to get it from the library soon.