If you are a new reader, or an old reader who is confused by current events (and thank you to commenters for alerting me to this need!), here’s something to get you quickly up to speed:

  • Read this page in which Carl describes (somewhat vaguely) the attacks on the Hiawatha’s crew
  • And then the four pages, starting here, in which the Orehu leader Vanguarthe explains the Miesti from his point of view
  • And then this page and the next one, wherein Patty’s strange affliction is revealed
  • And finally, the last time we saw Aria before all this weirdness happened– this page and then this one.
  • Oh, and I guess if you need to you can read the current chapter from the beginning.

There! I hope that will straighten it all out with a minimum of archive-diving. Of course, if you feel the inclination to do so, a complete read-through from the beginning still is the best method for full story immersion. (And if the concept of 259 clicks (plus extras) doesn’t thrill you, I encourage you to check out the books and e-books!)

Although you don’t need to be able to decipher much of the very-italic swirly words on this page and previous pages, you do need to be able to read the Miesti (yes, those are Miesti) dialogue. And after realizing that the “swirly words” are even less decipherable than I’d planned for them to be, now I’m paranoid that some of you will have difficulty making out what the Miesti are saying in their weird font. Or else, it will be so annoying to try to read that most people will just give up and click away. So, if it’s a problem, here or on any future page, please let me know in the comments and I will fix it!