For those who may desire it: a quick link back to the beginning of the chapter.

Way back in the beginning of the Galaxion comic– and in fact, from way before even that, when Galaxion was a novel-in-progress for which I drew many illustrations– Aria wore her hair loose. You can see what I mean from the first page of that 1993 story, and this collection of some older Aria head shots. And then, somewhere along the way, I reluctantly accepted the fact that having long hair blowing all around during her Survey Contact missions, no matter how fun it was to draw, would be incredibly irritating. (Not to mention looking unprofessional.) So I had her put it up in a tidy French braid. And she’s worn it up ever since.

Those of you who have ever bought a graphic novel from me at a convention (or purchased online and requested a signature) may have wondered why, when I draw a quick head sketch of Aria in Volume 1, I always draw her with loose hair rather than in the braid. Now you know. It’s an artefact from earlier days.

This chapter is where I make up for all the previous chapters of restraint in drawing Aria’s hair tucked neatly away. Hahaha, be freeeeee! *ink brush flies crazily all over the page*