Thank you to everyone who came out to the Toronto Comicon! I hope you had a good time. As usual I didn’t get away from my table much, but I did manage to snag a plush talking Dalek for my son. He’s very happy.

If you have a very good memory (and if you don’t, I totally sympathize; that’s why I’m writing these commentaries!), you might recall the events at the end of Chapter Seven. I don’t imagine it’s much of a spoiler now to announce that this event and that one are connected. Good heavens. Finally, we are catching up with Fusella’s storyline!

Finally, if you will cast your eyes back to the top of the page, you will notice a banner for Ad Astra, which is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal literary convention in its 31st year. And I will be exhibiting at it! Click on the banner to learn more. I’m hoping to have a new selection of bookmarks and buttons ready for the show.