Last week I brought up the subject of what books I’m reading, and this week I want to mention a new webcomic I’m reading.  I expect that if you enjoy Galaxion, you’ll probably enjoy this one, too.

Lucy Lyall isn’t new to the webcomics scene, having produced the lovely black-and-white comic Kaspall for five years or so, but she does have a relatively new comic called Spare Keys for Strange Doors. I finally read through the archive yesterday, and I really loved it! Great storytelling, great characters, and as wonderfully quirky as the title suggests. And since it’s still a new-ish comic, there isn’t a huge scary archive trawl involved. In fact, as the comic is told in short story arcs, it’s very inviting indeed. The stories are a little more adult than Galaxion, which I only mention because I know some readers have said they appreciate the all-ages tone here and I don’t want to give the wrong idea. Please do check it out! And tell Lucy I sent you. :-)

(But… maybe don’t let on that I only started reading this yesterday. I mean, it’s been out for months! She’s even advertized her comic on this site! Geez, how slow can I be?)