Woo hoo! I made it to page 200! *throws confetti* Next goal is to get to page 300.

Because you know how much I love giving you all the slightest excuse to go archive diving, here is Darvin’s last encounter with Aria. And be sure to come back on Tuesday to find out what the heck Fusella’s on about.

I am currently in the middle– almost the exact middle, at the moment– of the long-awaited sequel to The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I’ll admit, I approached this book with some small trepidation. Why? Well, I loved The Name of the Wind. I’ve re-read it (and re-listened to the audiobook) many, many times. I’ve been waiting nearly three years to learn more of the mystery that is Kvothe. You know how something you’re looking forward to that much rarely lives up to your expectations? Yeah. I worried about that. But I am pleased to report The Wise Man’s Fear has not let me down! It’s taken a severe force of will to not abandon all my precious drawing time in order to keep reading it. The story has been everything I’ve hoped for, full of wonderful little moments to grin at and thoughtful scenes to ponder. To be fair I haven’t yet reached the end of this massive book yet– and I know there is still one more book to go– so I can’t say with honesty that the whole thing is brilliant. But all signs point to this being a most worthy successor. Highly recommended.

So what have you all been reading lately? :-)