Quick reference link: the Interplanetary Patrol uniforms they both seem to agree look sharper than their current Terran Space Administration ones.

I’m so fond of that little “daredevil” exchange between Darvin and Fu– I love what it says about their past and present relationship– I’ve included it in all three iterations of Galaxion. Yes, it’s true, some things never change! Or at least, they don’t change much. You can see for yourself in excerpts from Salmagundi #6 from 1994, and Galaxion issue #5 from 1998. Back then I decided it would be OK to allow Fusella to change out of uniform for a while… but I didn’t spare her time to do that in the current series. I wonder if she’s annoyed with me about that? ;-)

Lastly, I want to continue plugging the upcoming show: I’ll be at Ad Astra on April 8-10. Guests of Honor are Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon!