And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the winners of the Con (/ Meg) -test! My gosh, you guys made it really hard to judge this one. There were lots of excellent choices for their nicknames! After much deliberation and expert-consulting, I have decided the ones that will suit them best are Conflagration and Nutmeg. Hooray! Here’s the thing, though– Nutmeg was suggested by no less than three individuals, and I imagine you all thought of it independently (just goes to show what a good name it is, with so many of you thinking alike!). I suppose I could say the first person who posted the name should get the prize, but where’s the fun in that? So I’m going to spread a little Holiday cheer and send out buttons to Stewart, Fred, and AlpineBob, who each submitted the winning name. AlpineBob, clever fellow that he is, also suggested Conflagration. Con… gratulations! Send me an email (to tara ~”at”~ galaxioncomics ~dot~ com) with your postal addresses to claim your prizes.

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