Here’s a behind-the-scenes secret for all you dedicated online readers– the ones who only read the printed version or just skim the archives will never know– it’s at this point that I took the rest of my script for chapter six, tossed it out the figurative window, and rewrote the ending. I actually had a page and a half completely penciled, which I had to then abandon because of the rewrite. This is pretty unusual behaviour for me, especially given my slow drawing rate. Each page represents a significant amount of time, so I do my best not to end up in this situation. But I went and did it anyway! I’d been feeling unhappy for a variety of reasons about the final scene of this chapter, but I think my solution… works out pretty nicely.

Any difficulty figuring out who’s talking on this page?

I hope all you Canadians in the audience had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :-)