I love this gag. :-D It’s the kind of thing that only works in comics.

In case you missed last week’s announcement, Galaxion is on the short list for two (two!) Friends of Lulu comic awards, and you can add your vote! Yay! From Valerie D’Orazio’s Occasional Superheroine blog post (where you can find a list of all the nominees): “The Lulu Awards recognizes the people and projects that helped to open eyes and minds to the amazing comic and cartooning work by and/or about women.” This year I’ve been nominated for a Lulu of the Year award, and Fusella is on the ballot for Best Female Character! I know, I know, Fusella will probably be insufferable if she wins, but she still deserves your vote! Go here to make your voice heard. Polls are open until September 27th.

Also, for any fellow artists out there, you may be interested in this week’s blog post about a few of my favourite new comic tools. :-)