Thanks to everyone who came out to Kids Read Comics this past weekend! The rain held out, miraculously, so nobody’s comics got overly wet. Big thanks go out to the organizers, especially Jerzy Drozd, Dan Mishkin, Edith Burney of the Chelsea District Library, and Dan Merrit of Green Brain Comics for all their efforts. It wasn’t a big show by any means, but the nice thing about quiet little shows is you get a rare opportunity to chat at length with the attendees as well as your fellow creators. I heard so many neat stories– like Ryan Estrada who is probably on his way to Costa Rica as I type this, to draw comics there until he decides it’s time to pick a new country to experience. Or Diana Nock, who led a “Build-a-Bot” workshop that totally inspired my 9-yr-old to draw lots of robot comics. I also want to give a special shout-out to Perry, who made my day when he brought by a small stack of my old comics for me to sign– including a copy of my very first minicomic (the cover of which you can see here) from 1993! Talk about a time warp. I happened to notice on the inside front cover I had written, “Find me at a con and I’ll draw something in this space!” Perry was amused to see I kept the promise, even after 17 years.

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