I hope this page gives a little satisfaction to those among you who’ve been feeling a tad fed up with Carl lately. ;-)

Are you a pre-webcomic reader of Galaxion? If so, you may be able to help me with  a minor mystery. I recall having written about the Galaxion’s– I mean the actual ship here–backstory, a little throwaway line that Fusella likely uttered about why the ship is so unusual. The problem is, I can’t locate where this was. It may have been somewhere in the 13 issues of the comic series, or it may even have been in the earlier minicomics from the mid-’90s. It’s possible I’m completely mistaken and this line I’m remembering got cut out of a script or something, but my two most valuable Galaxion readers (my husband David and Galaxion’s co-creator Wendy :-) ) also seem to remember it, so that makes me think it might be in the old pages somewhere. Does this sound familiar to you? If you think you know what I’m talking about, I would be very grateful if you could drop me a note. (It’s no big deal if I don’t end up finding it– this is just an itch I’ve been trying to scratch for days!)