I haven’t gone into the background of the joint TerSA and IP project yet, but yes, it is rather unusual for the two organizations to be working together on the Jump technology.

I’ve been so absorbed with conventions and other activities (not to mention drawing the pages!) that I haven’t had much time to devote to reading for pleasure– a situation that I find distasteful, believe me– but I have managed to get hooked into Robin Hobb’s recent novel, Dragon Keeper. A free edition for the Kindle was offered a short while ago (I’m not sure if this deal has since ended), so I grabbed it and finally started reading it. If it hadn’t been free I probably wouldn’t have touched it, since I got tired of the dragon genre a while ago (with the exception of Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon, which has more in common with the Hornblower series than it has with Pern), but I find I’m enjoying it. Although I expect I’ll be grumpy when I get to the end of it, since it’s very clearly the first of a trilogy, and most of the plot threads will undoubtedly be left hanging. I almost dread to ask this, since my reading time has been limited recently to a few pages before I fall asleep at night and it’ll be a while before I catch up, but then again I’m a book lover so I can’t not ask, once I’ve brought up the topic… has anyone read anything good recently they want to recommend? :-)