Don’t know what’s going on? That’s because you’re jumping in at the end of a chapter! You’ll have a much easier time if you start at the beginning of the chapter, or even the beginning of the story.

That wraps it up for Chapter Five! Let’s hope Carl elaborates on that statement in Chapter Six.

One more reminder for this weekend– I’ll be at the Toronto Comicon down at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It’s their Fan Appreciation Event, which means on Sunday you can get a $10 voucher for your $10 admission to spend at any of the retailers at the show, so you effectively get in for free! Saturday is regular price, $10. I’ll be at table #20 in the guest/artist alley, but I don’t have a map of the floor so I don’t know how much help that’ll be. And it seems I’ll be on a panel titled “21st Century Webcomics” on Saturday at 12 noon, so, come on out with any questions you may have!

Also! Next weekend I’ll be in Dearborn, Michigan for Kids Read Comics! This event is hosted by the Dearborn Public Library and is totally free to attend. It’s aimed at kids of all ages so it’s a great to bring your kids/nieces/nephews/grandkids out to, but if you’re like me, you’ll like the all the great comics the guests are bringing to sell just as much as the kids will (I mean, have you read the Muppet Show comic by Roger Langridge? Brilliant. And he’ll be there!). And there is an excellent programming track for adults as well as kids, so there will be plenty to do. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Finally, you may have noticed the new “Support the Comic” button over to the right. Yep, that’s one o’ them donation buttons that allows you to throw a few coins into the virtual tip jar via PayPal. It’s not part of a donation drive or anything, it’s just there in case you ever feel like it, maybe the new page is really good or something, and you can show your appreciation. I’ve got a nice little thank-you gift available for those who choose to donate; it’s a digital copy of my recent minicomic. I’ll admit– one of my main reasons for choosing the minicomic format is because it’s sized just right to be loaded onto my Kindle. Despite all the hoopla about the iPad I still love my Kindle, and it makes me grin like my 6-yr-old to be able to read my comics on it at last (my regular pages are way too big, alas). The pdf file also reads just fine on any computer, though, so if you don’t use e-readers you can still enjoy it. This little side story won’t be posted on the website and because of its smaller size is unlikely to appear in any future trade paperbacks, so the only way to read it will be to buy one from me at a convention or to get the digital copy.¬† Tempted yet? ;-)