Wondering what’s going on? Start at the beginning of the chapter for a little context.

I didn’t get the new site stuff finished (soon!), but I did have a very pleasant visit with Detroit-area cartoonist Sean Bieri and his wife, who I used to be part of the “self-published minicomics” gang I would hang around with all the time at conventions in the ’90s. Back then Sean did a bunch of awesome little comics like Jape (warning: some of these are NSFW), but more recently he’s been featured on Tor.com, doing such things as Better Zombies through Physics with Jim Ottaviani (also, don’t miss the short series of gags San Diego Zombie Con). Sean was in town for the weekend, and he spent much of the time in museums, sketching dinosaurs and various pieces of statuary. I, sadly, have been an artist for decades and have yet to fill even one sketchbook. I just never got into the habit of drawing in those things! Seeing Sean’s collection makes me want to make some sort of resolution, even though it’s not that time of year.

From the just-a-few-weekends-ago TCAF show, there is an excellent (6.5 min) video put together for Open Book: Toronto on self publishing. And I’m in it! It’s also a brief glimpse of what TCAF is like, if you’ve never had an opportunity to go.