Yes, her correct rank is General. Someone here is… possibly a little behind the times. Say, ten years or so behind?

In other news… I set up a Twitter  account a while back, mostly because my friends kept insisting I needed one, and with no real desire to enter a whole new world of social media I never did much with it. But it seems my days of flying under the radar are done! I hardly know how it happened, but a couple people found me and started “following” me, and then more arrived, so I guess now I might as well submit to the inevitable and jump into the pool. So if you’re a Twittering sort, you can find me @t_tallan. You’ll have to forgive me while I bumble around a bit, getting the hang of it, learn the etiquette, that kind of thing. Wheee!

Lastly… some time ago I talked about getting a facelift for the ol’ website. Well, I dragged my feet for a long time about it, but cool things are starting to happen at last! I don’t know when you’ll start to see some of the magic go live, but probably in the next couple of weeks. So if you hit the site one day and it all looks different and awesome, don’t panic, it’s still Galaxion. :-)