Links for easy reference: the first group and the second group to which Darvin refers. Also, Hettal (mentioned briefly in Chapter Three) had a supporting role in the short story Fusella Vs. Interplanetary Patrol. As you may recall, Zan was brought in to fill his place when they suddenly realized they needed a complete Survey Contact Team.

I’ve been busy folding flyers and assembling buttons for Penguicon this weekend! I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to meet some of my fellow webcomic creators, such as Kez of The War of Winds and Darc and Matt Sowers of Code Name: Hunter. Plus– and I was so excited when I read this– I found out that fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss will be there! The Name of the Wind was one of my favourite books from the last couple of years, so I expect to go all tongue-tied fangirl when I have a chance to get my copy signed. Based on his blog, I expect he’s a really entertaining person to listen to. Can’t wait!!

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