Holy cow, talk about a great debate! Last week’s page elicited a huge number of comments, and I really didn’t see it coming. If anything, this week’s page is only going to add fuel to that little fire…! Amusingly, I noticed an article had been posted last week on the blog Boing Boing about exploring the ethics of space science.

And now, I want to share my cool news that I mentioned previously– Galaxion has been nominated for a Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Canadian Webcomic! I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor. My fellow nominees (among them are Kate Beaton, Karl Kerschl, and Rene Engstrom) are a pretty amazing bunch, and I am honoured to be in their company. Winners will be announced June 5th, in conjunction with the Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event (no website yet) held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, June 5-6th. So it looks like I’m adding another show to my list of appearances this year!