Chapter Five! At last! (Although as I look at this page now I realize I failed to actually put the words “Chapter Five” on it… oh well, that’s yet another minor edit that can be corrected in the print version…) I’m excited to be here. We’re not quite breaking new ground yet (for those of you who read the earlier version from, oh my gosh I can’t just say “last decade” anymore, can I???), but we’re getting closer.

The holidays are officially over now, and I’m doing my best to move back into the familiar routine. I got a Kindle for Christmas and I spent a lot of my holiday time delighting in reading books on it. There’s a lot of stuff available for free out there, and I dove right in! So for anyone looking for some books to read, I can offer up for recommendation Resonance by Chris Dolley (out of print? Oh dear. Well, check used book stores, check your local library, or you can read it/download it at the Baen Free Library), a real page-turner of a sci-fi story, and for something completely different, Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson, which is an entertaining and funny YA novel, something along the lines of The Princess Diaries but without the princess part (I hope I didn’t just make it sound completely lame there, but really, it’s a great read!). And now I’m having to adjust back to paper (ha!) as I settle into the book that was actually my husband’s Christmas present, Unseen Academicals! (Don’t worry, I let him read it first. :-) ) There’s little in the book world I look forward to as much as a new Terry Pratchett (except a new Vorkosigan book (Cryoburn! October 2010!)).

Also, if you missed the New Year’s post, be sure to check it out. Speaking of reading. ;-)