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In the previous version I made it more plain where the Survey Contact Team (actually, back then they were just called the Contact Team) had landed, but this time around I figured just the little hint was probably enough. Also, if you’re wondering why Vessa and Patty are both putting their hands up by their necks in panel 2, it’s because their com device is embedded in their collars. They’re covering up the microphone to prevent the ship (well, Fusella, to be specific) from hearing what they’re saying. That detail will probably be made clearer as the story goes on, but I’m letting you know now just in case you were wondering….

Oh, and I guess I should also include, for those who’d like a reminder, a link to what happened on the Pathfinder!

Aaaaaaaand– sorry this is such a long note!–I wanted to give a shout-out of thanks to all of you who’ve chimed in on the discussion about survey technologies! It’s been very helpful, and a source of all sorts of new ideas.