t’s traditional to open a new chapter with a splash page, so here we are. Not much to say about this except I’m getting braver with my use of crowquill and similar nib pens. It sure is weird trying to remember how to draw rocks and trees (and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and trees and rocks… sorry, that’s an Arrogant Worms song, couldn’t help myself) after 93 pages of nothing but interior walls. And space.

Thank you for all the comments (on both sites!) about the transition between the previous two pages! I haven’t yet decided what changes I may make– any such changes would not show up here in any event, but would be in the upcoming printed volume– but it’s really helpful to know how it all looks to you readers.

And finally, Campaign: GALAXION is still going strong! And I am still stunned. I’ve seen other webcomics that have gotten a lot of support, but this goes way above and beyond anything I ever imagined. The results have been pretty amazing. Thank you, guys!!