Welcome! If you’re new to Galaxion you might be interested in the story so far, or you can also jump right back to the beginning. If you’re re-joining us after a break and wondering what’s going on, might I suggest starting at the beginning of Chapter 4?

I had an awesome time at TCAF! It was super busy and the new book was a big hit. As often happens I didn’t get away from my table enough to meet all the creators I would’ve liked to, but I got to meet Erika Moen of the (sometimes NSFW) comic DAR, which made me happy. Also among the finally-met-for-the-first-time crowd were Stef of the webcomic Sarah Zero, Crystal Yates of , and Varethane of Chirault (who you may remember sent in this great fanart of Fusella)! So many wonderful people, thank you all for stopping by. :-)

Also, I wanted to mention that the “Help me out with survey methods” blog post is still going strong! All the contributions have been fascinating and helpful. I know most of the technical details will end up just as background info that won’t ever actually see the light of day on a finished page, but all the same it makes me feel much more confident when I have a clue. You guys are great!