New to Galaxion? Wondering what’s going on? You can jump back to the beginning of this chapter or skip all the way back to the beginning of the whole story! Pressed for time? Why not try out this 15-page no-commitment short story instead and see what you think?

As you may know, this coming Saturday, May 2nd 2009, is Free Comic Book Day! This is the day you can walk in to your favourite comic shop for some wonderful free comics, and maybe drag along a friend or two and let ‘em try some of those free samples and see if they get hooked, too. But be sure to look out for this book, because there is a brand-new one-page Galaxion story in there! In colour! Woo!

Also, I will be at The Beguiling on that day from 12-3pm, to sign stuff and give away copies of my, um, “vintage” Galaxion comic books. Please drop by in you’re in the neighbourhood!