If you’re wondering what’s going on, why not jump back to the beginning of this short story and read it all in one sitting? Complete at 15 pages of Sci-Fi goodness!

That wraps it up for our little detour into the past on the Pathfinder! Hope you enjoyed it. Next up: well, my original schedule had me posting new pages from Chapter Three right away, but since we’re so close to the holidays I think I’ll hold off until the New Year. That seems more auspicious to me, to begin again at the beginning of the year. I’m hope you’re not all too cheesed off? I’ve got some fun stuff planned for the next three weeks, while I try my hand at Galaxion-style strip comics. (That’s “strip” as in “newspaper strip”, the classic 4 panel stuff, in case your mind started off in some other, um, unnecessary direction.) And then to kick off the New Year I’ll post my multi-page “Story So Far” featurette, hosted by Fusella, and we’ll get back to normal pages as of Tuesday, Jan 6th. Sound like a good plan?

And, lest you think I’ve been ignoring the recent comments… OK, folks, you got me! I have no proper answer right now about how their old propulsion method relates to the new Jump Engine, nor how long it takes them to get home. See, this is all stuff I used to know, until I started messing about with details of my universe here and there, and now I’m desperately trying to make it all fit neatly back together again on the fly (so to speak). I spent what free time I had over the weekend trying to figure it out, but I’m going to need a little more time to work on it. Plus, I expect a lot of you people know a lot more about the workings of the real universe than I do! So anyone who’s interested, maybe we can all have a discussion about relative distances and such on the forum (seems like the proper place for it)? I’ll post a link once I’ve got the basics straight in my head, and start off the conversation. Then with your help I can, hopefully, avoid looking like an idiot in the future! (Yeah, unlikely, I know, but we should always set our goals high!) ;-)