And that wraps up Chapter 3! Good grief, that was a long one. And you know what else? That also wraps up the first book! I really really REALLY hope I’m going to have a new graphic novel available to purchase by May. Of this year. Crossing fingers!

BONUS STUFF! Varethane of the lovely fantasy comic Chirault sent me this wonderful sketch of Fusella! *happy dance* Thank you so much!

Lastly, I have a request to all of you readers who have been so helpful playing editor for me… if you go back to the last page, does the transition to this page work? It’s a jump in time, right, and I’m skipping straight to the action with the Survey Contact Team down on the planet (although the dialogue box is a continuation of the previous scene). The idea was that Scavina was about to reveal to the rest of the people around the table the visual of the Hiawatha, but now that I look at it again I’m not sure if the last panel on that page is somehow misleading. What do you think? Does it work OK?