OK folks, first the bad news– I won’t be able to post a “First Friday” update this month. *sobs* I can keep my regular updates going, but after last month (and the month before, actually), I need to rebuild my buffer. I will put up something on Friday, though. I dunno what, yet– something from the dark recesses of my files? Or… if anyone has a hankering to make some fan art, I suppose this would be a good time…. :-)

The deal is supposed to be that when you say “first the bad news” you follow it up with some good news, but I really don’t have anything in that department! Yeah, that’s my January in a nutshell. But I’ve got a request for you! I’m going to try really really hard to get that collected volume of the Galaxion webcomic out this summer, so if you spotted any more errors in the pages so far that need fixing, please let me know!