You could all see this coming, couldn’t you?

OK, maybe not. If you do find yourself going, “What the hey…?” then let me provide a little explanation. This scene harkens back to Aria’s first encounter with Darvin, waaaay back here. And on that page, I had another version of that middle panel that looked like this. I laughed myself silly drawing it, but then I completely wimped out of using it in the final page. I worried that it was too over-the-top and didn’t suit the style of the story. But it does make me giggle.

And so we come to this current page. The dialogue had been in place for months, but when it came down to drawing Aria’s second foot-in-mouth scene with Darvin, a big grin spread across my face and I knew– like, the light dawning– Aria’s little pixie/sprite had to make a reappearance. But just like the first pixie panel, I drew it in such a way that I could Photoshop it out if I wanted to.

So my question to all of you good folk is, Pixie: stay or go? Leave her in both pages? Take her out of both pages? It’s not final till it (some day) goes to press, so vote now! Leave a comment in the comment box below with your opinion, or send me email.