If this is your first time visiting, welcome, and let me tell you that you’ve wandered into our holiday specials– 4-panel strips are not the norm around here. I hope you find it amusing, though! For the regular stuff you can start at the beginning, or why not try out the recent short story?

Hey, did you know trying to think up short gags that fit in 3 or 4 panels is hard?! I thought these would be a walk in the park compared to a usual page, but I think all told they took nearly as long. Also, there’s me trying to be funny. *insert laugh track* Apologies for the really small text… the consequences of making the width of the strip bigger than a standard page didn’t occur to me, and the next two strips don’t have the same panel sizes so I couldn’t just stack them all two by two panels. But if your poor eyes can’t take it, here is a slightly larger image.

I’ll be posting two more strip comics over the next two weeks, and then a special (and hopelessly wordy) “Story So Far” on New Year’s Day, to bring everyone up to speed on that plot we’ve left so far behind. Chapter 3 continues on Jan 6!

So, about that discussion of the Galaxion universe I promised last week? Given the various complaints I’ve had about the forum over the past little while, I’ve instead decided to post my thoughts in that hardly-used news/blog section below that comes with the ComicPress package! I trust no one who has something to say will have any problems commenting there. Come put in your own two cents!