You smart people out there have probably deduced by now that if we supplied the ship with all the artillary, then we must have also supplied the heroes an enemy or two to fight against. And you would be right! Our answer to the Klingons/Gamilons/Zentraedi was these guys, who were each commanders of their own fleet of evil space conquerors.

On the left there is Zendall, leader of the Miesti. On the right is Vanguarthe, leader of the Daegans. Oh, do those names sound familiar to some of you? ;-) Yeah, the characters may have been tossed aside in later revisions, but I hung onto the names because I liked the sound of them. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

(If you’re curious, Vanguarthe was the really nasty one because he was a mad genius. Zendall, although at one point our main villain, eventually developed a sad but hilarious case of the stupids.)

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