Yes, June 1st is Galaxion’s Birthday! I suppose under normal circumstances one would call this an anniversary, but “birthday” is more in keeping with the theme of these just-for-fun posts. So birthday it is!

This is the fifth is a series of Galaxion Retrospectives, celebrating 25 years since Wendy and I first began telling the story of these characters, and also 15 years since the Galaxion comic first appeared in print, in the pages of our minicomic Salmagundi. The first four retrospectives were: Fusella, Alex, Darvin, and Aria.

So for this retrospective, which isn’t really specific to any particuar character, I’m going to post a bunch of fun stuff from the vaults that wouldn’t really fit in anywhere else in this series. This one, for example, is the black-and-white version of what eventually turned into the cover of the Galaxion Graphic Novel (which you can see at the link if you’re willing to scroll down a lot).

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