Here is one of the earliest pictures that I drew of Fusella, dated October 1983 (it looks like ’85, but it actually says ’83) by what I called the “Star Trek stardate” system (I was such a Trekkie). Who’s that she’s with? Well, we threw her into an entertaining romance pretty early on. Galaxion was always, always about the romance! Early Fusella was a serious flirt. But in order to avoid spoilers I won’t reveal who it was just now. But the fact that she’s destined to fall for somebody can’t really be a big surprise to anyone, right?

Evolution of a character: the biggest difference between the early uniforms and the current ones is that the ladies’ uniforms had skirts. Either that, or (as we used to joke) they couldn’t be bothered tucking in their shirts. Check out the bellbottoms! I can’t adequately explain why we gave them all bellbottoms, since that was a major fashion faux pas in the ’80s (well, I can blame it on being huge geeky fans of the anime of the time, Battle of the Planets and Star Blazers, in which the characters all had bellbottoms because they were made in the ’70s). Fu’s hair has grown longer and is starting to be vaguely curly, but she’s still got that bow. She’s also, shall we say, not very well developed yet? I guess I didn’t play with enough Barbies, ha ha.

We’re still in 1983, folks! Keep going!