From my watercolour phase (that last one wasn’t watercolour, by the way, it was watered-down acryllic). I did a lot of watercolour portraits, many of them far too big to scan in. I notice his stripes are red at last… By the time this picture was painted, I had a couple hundred pages of novel written, and you will not be surprised to learn that I started over at least four times. Darvin still had a bit of the class clown wisecracking tendencies left in him, but mainly he was the Ladies’ Man. We promoted him from his somewhat lowly job of Scanners Officer, but apparently even we had a hard time deciding what exactly it was he did on the Galaxion– at various times he was a Weapons Officer, Second Officer, Co-Advisor, and even Contact Team Commander. And then, eventually, we kicked him off the Galaxion altogether and left him to Interplanetary Patrol. Poor guy!

Getting near the end, now, but keep going!