This one is probably the first colour picture of Darvin, also circa 1983. Sometime between the last picture and this one I must have resigned to his fate as non-Captain, because he appears a lot younger. After I drew this is when we must have decided he would be tall, which is what that arrow is doing there. Darvin’s stripes, strangely, are orange. I guess the Scanners department was orange? Early in his existence, one of Darvin’s main purposes in the story was to be a best friend for Zandarin. Now, when I was in grade school, and even in high school, this seemed like a perfectly natural relationship. But as I got older, I slowly began to realize how… odd it sounds. Once you’re an adult, having a best friend, evidently, just isn’t a guy thing (though I would be interested in hearing about exceptions to this rule). I’m willing to believe it still works for Darvin and Zan, though, because they’ve been friends since they were young.

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