This one is the very first page of the very first issue of the Galaxion story in the minicomic flip book Salmagundi! This is the true first appearance of Fusella and Darvin (and Aria!), rather than the pages I picked out for their retrospectives. But since they don’t even have a speaking part on this page I picked more interesting pages for them.I used the narration box here in my attempts to get into Aria’s head and make her more immediately appealing to reader. I still find the technique a bit awkward to use and so I mostly avoid it, but every so often it does the trick.

Somewhere, perhaps it was on the forum, I made the comment that this introductory story segment that took me only one page to tell in Salmagundi took me three pages to tell in the full-size print comic, and took me five pages in the webcomic. I still can’t quite decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. ;-)

Getting near the end, but keep going!