This is the second in a series of Galaxion retrospectives, celebrating 15 years of Galaxion comics, or 25 years since Wendy and I first started doodling it, depending (the second one is more self-indulgent, but it still means a lot to me!).

Poor Lt. Col. Alex Anderson here is the character who has really got short shrift in this comic, sad to say (and actually, he isn’t the least bit Irish, for all that he was born on St. Patrick’s Day). He plays a more important role later in the story, but because I keep finding excuses to start the thing over (never again! I really mean it this time!), we never get there. To this day he’s only had a few brief walk-ons, such as this one here. But he’s been with the cast from the very beginning, so he gets his own little birthday party.

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